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Rivers: Engaging, Supporting and Transferring knOwledge on River Restoration


RESTORE is an EU LIFE+ funded project aimed at supporting existing and future river and floodplain restoration activities across Europe.  The RESTORE project aims to develop the tools and skills to enable the restoration of rivers for future generations creating sustainable river environments.  The project  develops a network linking policy makers, river basin planners and a wide range of practitioners and experts across Europe.  It was run for three years until September 2013.

The RESTORE project was developed by the Environment Agency due to the large numbers of waterbodies that are currently failing to achieve Good Ecological Status due to hydromorphology. The work will share information and best practice on river restoration activities to aid Water Framework Directive delivery.

The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management from Romania (NIHWM) participated, during 2011-2013, as subcontractor of DLG – Government Service for Land and Water Management (The Netherlands), in the framework of the RESTORE Project (Rivers: Engaging, Supporting and Transferring knOwledge for Restoration in Europe) application no. LIFE09 INF/UK/000032 (http://www.restorerivers.eu/).

The project activities were developed all over Europe, involving a large number of European countries. The project leader was The Environment Agency from England & Wales. Finish Environment Institute – SYKE (Finland), Italian Centre for River Restoration – CIRF (Italy), River Restoration Centre – RRC (UK) and DLG (The Netherlands) coordinated the regional activities of the project as follows: SYKE – North region, CIRF- South region, RRC – West region and DLG – Central and East Region.

The main aim of the RESTORE project was the development and dissemination of the best good practices in Europe, regarding the river restoration.

NIHWM, as subcontractor of DLG, participated to the related activities of the Central and East Region (covering Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria). The cooperation with Bulgaria and Hungary was developed within Central and Eastern Europe Network of Basin Organization(CEENBO).

Among the activities which NIHWM was in-charge, it should be mentioned: organizing trainings and workshops aiming to disseminate the best river restoration practices in Central and Eastern Europe and populating the Wiki database (entering 500 River Restoration projects in total from the four European regions) and also an important activity was the development of River Restoration-Wiki Database containing information on the existing River Restoration projects in throughout Europe.

The River Restoration Centre from England  will maintain the River Wiki data base for the next 5 years.