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Valencia / Spain, November 2003 – CEE NBO Liaison Bureau joint to the first EURO-INBO Conference

International Workshop on Water Framework Directive

“Water Days” Conference

Valencia / Spain, 11 – 12 Nov. 2003

CEE NBO was represented at highest level – through Mr. President Ovidiu GABOR and the Mrs. Secretary Daniela RADULESCU – at the International Workshop on WFD, at 11 – 12 November 2003, in Valencia, Spain, with the presentation “Central and Eastern European Network of Basin Organizations. Actions related to the implementation of the WFD in Central and Eastern Europe”.

Organizations represented in Valenciadecided to set up, within INBO framework a group of European basin organizations for implementing the WFD (EURO-INBO). CEE NBO was directly involved in this project from the beginning. The EURO-INBO objective is to facilitate the implementation of the WFD by basin organizations involved in the enlarged EU, in candidate States and other interested Eastern Europeand Mediterranean Countries (see the Final Resolutions of theValencia meeting).

National Administration “Apele Romane” has received the invitation to become MENBO (Mediteranean Network of Basin Organizations) Observer. The invitation was accepted (see the official answer of the National Administration “Apele Romane”) during December 2004.

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