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Tulcea / Romania, September 2003 – CEE NBO Liaison Bureau & Workshop “Characterisation of hydrographic districts:steps and procedures, case studies. Specific aspects of wetlands”

The  CEE NBO workshop on Water Framework Directive

Tulcea, Romania

11 – 12 SEPTEMBER 2003

            During the first two days (11 – 12 September), there was a very interesting technical seminar on WFD.

The workshop topics is ”Characterisation of hydrographic districts : steps and procedures, case studies. Specific aspects of wetlands”. The preparation of the workshop was ensured by the National Administration “Apele Romane” – the Secretariat of CEENBO and by the International Office for Water, France.

There were about 35 persons from  BULGARIA, HUNGARY, MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC CZECH, SerbiA & Muntenegro, SLOVENIA, and ROMANIA. The Romanian participants were from Apele Romane – National Administration, as well as from Water Directorate Prut, Siret, Arges-Vedea, Buzau, Dobrogea-Litoral and Water Management System Tulcea, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority and Danube Delta National Research Institut.

The french experts were from French Water Agency, International Office for Water, French Water Agencies – Brussels Delegation; we have also the representative of University of Liege, BELGIUM.

We had a very concentrated seminar, with very interesting presentations, comments and questions, so a very reach experience exchange. All the participants agrred on the fact that this meeting was very fruitfull and beneficial for all people involved in the Water Framework Directive implementation(see the Program of the workshop and List of Participants).

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