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The Central and Eastern European Network of Basin Organization has the following main objectives :

  • to develop lasting relations between the organizations in charge of such a comprehensive management in Central and Eastern Europe, and favor exchanges of experiences and expertise among them, especially for implementing the water directives of the European Union;
  • to facilitate the implementation of tools suitable for institutional and financial management, for knowledge and follow up of water resources, for the organization of data banks, for the concerted preparation of master plans and action programs in the medium and long term;
  • to develop information and training programs for local elected officials, for users’ representatives and for the different stakeholders involved in water management as well as for the executives and staff of the organizations in charge of water management at the river basin level;
  • to encourage education of the population regarding these issues;
  • to promote these principles in international cooperation programs;
  • to evaluate ongoing actions initiated by the member organizations and disseminate their results.